Here are the teams for this weekend guys!

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Here are the teams for this weekend guys!

1: Ricardo, Nicky, Ally, Frank
2: Mnazz, Egg, Ben Lakoff, Esther
3: Alyssa, Note, Jodi, Ben C
4: Anne, Bob, Brian, Out
5: Kylie, Padd, Andrew, Aye
6: Nienke, Monica, Aom, Dillan
7: CJ, Johanna, Tatiya, Aytak
8: Tanny, Tum, Aon, Aaron
9: Sunshine, Nicole, Andrew L, Megan
10: Joy, MC, Fredrik, A

Upcoming Weekend’s Workouts and explanations:

Event 1(Voted):
Max for complex: 1 clean + 3 Front Squats
– The first rep can be a power clean or squat clean. That rep is complete when you extend fully to the top. Then, perform 3 front squats
– You must choose the athlete order. Each athlete will have 3 attempts. The athlete will have 1 minute prior to their first lift to put the weights on, then the clock will begin a 90-second countdown. If you miss the lift but have time remaining inside your 90-second portion, you may attempts again. On the next 90-second portion you can increase the weight, reduce, or if you missed, you may attempt the same weight again.
– When you finish, write the heaviest successful lift on your team tablet.
– After the first athlete has gone through their 3 attempts (3 90-second portions), a minute will be given until the next 90-second attempt period begins. It will continue this way until each athlete has had 3 attempts.
– Teammates can assist with adding or removing weights.

Event 2 (Voted): For time
Team Burden Run
Then 3 Rounds
250/200 meter row
25 Slam balls
30 KB swings
30 Abmat Sit ups

– The teams must run as a unit. The Mighty Ducks “Flying V” formation is permitted. Each team will be given 2 objects that they must carry with them. The items can be carried by one person, shared, or rotated, just so long as the group sticks together.
– After the run the team will complete 3 rounds of the workout above. All tasks must be complete before rotating. IF teammate (A) finishes early, and teammate (B) has hit the wall, athlete (A) may assist in completing their task by performing the remaining reps.
– When finished, write the time on your team tablet.

Event 3: For time
A) As a team:
Karen (150 wall balls) with partner squat plate hold
B) In pairs:
25/25 alternating burpee box jump overs (each partner completes 25 reps)
20/20 burpee over-unders (each partner completes 20 reps)
C) Relay Style
Alternating Sled Push Stack move
4 45s
4 25s
4 10s

A) One teammate performs wall balls at a time. The other three teammates will each hold a squat with arms extended and a plate held across the extended arms. If any teammate drops from the squat, stands up, or drops the plate, the team must rotate. Once 150 wall balls have been accumulated, move on to task B). Reps only count once all teammates are holding the squat properly.
B) Split your team into two pairs. One pair will perform alternating burpee box jump overs. A total of 50 burpees (25 each) must be complete. The other pair must complete 40 (20/20) burpee over-unders. Just like in the brawl, the partner will perform a burpee, jump over your partner and then the planking partner will bridge up and the other partner will crawl under the partner. That is 1 rep.
C) Each team will have a stack of weights and a sled. The teammates can only place 1 plate on the sled at a time and must push the sled to the designated area on the other side of the floor, remove the weight and sprint the sled back. The team must rotate in the same order throughout the sled pushes, but the weights being pushed each time is the team’s decision. For example, athlete (A) can push 45 lb plates each time, and athlete (B) can push 10 lb plates each time. So long as the order of rotation is the same, it’s okay. When all the weights have been moved, run down to the finish area and record your time on your team tablet.

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