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RxReview believes we have the largest CrossFit box in ALL OF ASIA! That’s no small accomplishment at all. We are proud to have this facility in Bangkok

Bangkok Box Tour Part 1: East West CrossFit

It was just last month (November 2014) that I spent a day in Bangkok, Thailand. After taking a few moments to look at the Affiliate Map we believed there were only five CrossFit boxes in Bangkok, all relatively close to each other. So The Rx Review and I decided I would go ahead and attempt to film every CrossFit Affiliate in a single day.

Little did I know I would battle intense humidity, stifling 30 degree+ heat, a litany of taxis that would refuse to drive me anywhere, and language barriers in an unfamiliar and unforgiving city.

All that aside, I’m happy to report I found some of the most welcoming coaches and affiliates, all too willing to show me around town and point me in the right direction. From teaching me how to catch the trains or attempting to hail me countless taxi’s, the kindness and support of the CrossFit community is as strong in Bangkok as anywhere in the world I’ve experienced.

The video above is of East West CrossFit. They had recently moved into their new location and as you can see they are currently still under construction. That said, by my observations I believe it may be the largest CrossFit Affiliate in Asia. As Ronald Harvey the head coach and owner of East West CrossFit states,

“The gym is 1400 m2, with a main floor size of 60×20 meters and 200 m2 of second floor space. We’ve got 16 squat racks on our rigs, and another 4 moveable racks, and just put together three power cages today. We have 20 barbells now, and in a week we will have more as our new shipment is arriving. We will have bar for every rack. We have 5 sleds that can all be used at once on our 45 meter turf track. Dec 21. our rowers arrive so we will have those too. GHDs we’ve got 4 for now. 4 15 foot(games standard) area for rope climbing. Also 4 platforms with jerk blocks.

If you plan on checking out the gym here are the directions:

From Prah kanong BTS take exit 3 then go to sukhumvit Soi 69, which is just 50 meters from the stairs of the BTS (opposite of direction the stairs direct you, so pull a u turn at the bottom of the stairs after exiting). Once in Soi 69, walk 175 meters, about 3 minutes, until you see a black and red sign for Training Ground on your right. After spotting the sign, walk into the area to the second warehouse behind the front building. That’s us.

Take a look for yourself in the video above or the pictures below and let us know what you think in the comment section below. You can also check out our tour of CrossFit Ten500, CrossFit BK and Ari CrossFit on the preceding links.


– See more at: http://therxreview.com/bangkok-box-tour-part-1-east-west-crossfit/#sthash.G2ex43lm.dpuf